Skyhawk Chemicals, Inc.   (713) 957 2200
The Skyhawk Team Our team takes pride in providing superb service. We focus on face-to-face selling and around the clock customers support. We want you to know our team; they are loyal, dedicated and ready to provide you with excellent service.
The Executive Team
Clark Knickerbocker President

Anne Knickerbocker Secretary/Treasurer

David Gaspard VP of Sales & Marketing

Kim Glover VP of Administration

The Sales Team
Brian Quinonez Sales(432) 557-2262 (cell)
Ellen LeClaire Sales(817) 821-1375 (cell)

Eric Rasberry Sales(713)
Jason Longer Sales(713) 737-5455 (cell)

Jill Knickerbocker
Keith Williams Sales(713) 899-6573 (cell)

Kyle Ward Sales(225) 235-2379 (cell)
Mark Speets Sales(713) 459-8052 (cell)

Mike Savoy Sales(225) 247-2330 (cell)
Richard Williams Sales(713) 306-2607 (cell)

Vishal Kapadia Purchasing Manager

Information Technology
Travis Ellis IT

Customer Service
Jory Patton Customer Service Supervisor(713)

Anita Lozano Customer
Haley Moreno Customer

Helen Griggs Inventory/Import
Joey Dill Customer

Mark Berwanger Customer
Sheridan Pollard Customer

Virginia Alvarez Customer

Ellen Watkins Accounting

Andrea Liddell Receptionist /
Gina Erebia

Jennifer Buckalew
Joyce Redlon

Kellie Davis
Kelly Haines

Laura Storm
Linda Phillips McNabb