Skyhawk Chemicals, Inc.


Skyhawk supports charities and charitable events throughout the year. Skyhawk’s favorite charities are The Snapdragon Book Foundation and The Lauren Savoy Olinde Foundation.

The Snapdragon Book Foundation

This foundation provides grants for books to schools that cater to disadvantaged children. Schools that have been awarded grants are all across the United Sates stretching from Massachusetts to Alaska and down to Texas. These schools range from small independent schools to large school districts. Founded by a former school librarian, The Snapdragon Book Foundation exists to put books in the hands of kids. In a time when many schools are relocating their funds to technology and audiovisual equipment, Snapdragon hopes to make sure that the school libraries are still offering children good books to read.

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The Lauren Savoy Olinde Foundation

This foundation promotes the awareness of skin cancer through the efforts of education, early detection, advancing medical research and supporting those already diagnosed with skin cancer. The LSO foundation aims to increase the number of skin cancer screenings for early detection of all skin cancers, specifically melanoma, the leading cause of cancer among young adults and the most deadly form of skin cancer.

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